Academic services

I offer professional and competitively priced proofreading, copyediting, indexing and transcription services, specialising in the arts and humanities.

Proofreading and copyediting basic rate: £0.01 per word.

Transcription basic rate: £1.30 per minute audio/video.

Indexing rate: £2.75 per page of text, in line with the Society of Indexers’ recommendations (Jan 2018).

To date, I have indexed the following publications:

Golding, Viv and Wayne Modest. 2013. Museums and Communities: Curators, Collections and Collaboration. Bloomsbury Academic.

Chua, Liana. 2011. The Christianity of Culture: Conversion, Ethnic Citizenship, and the Matter of Religion in Malaysian Borneo. Palgrave Macmillan.

Alberti, Samuel J.M.M. 2011. Morbid Curiosities: Medical Museums in Nineteenth-Century Britain. Oxford University Press.

Osler, Audrey. 2010. Students’ Perspectives on Schooling. Open University Press.

Starkey, Hugh and Audrey Osler. 2010. Teachers and Human Rights Education. Trentham Books.

Golding, Viv. 2009. Learning at the Museum Frontiers. Ashgate.

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