Some news and the future of this site

Pastures new, geddit? (Not an accurate representation of Milton Keynes.)

So, I received some rather stunning and unexpected news a couple of weeks ago. After nine years of precarity, someone round here has finally got herself a permanent, full-time academic job!

From the beginning of November 2019, I will be joining the Open University as a Staff Tutor in Art History!

I am, as you can imagine, absolutely thrilled and I can not wait to get started in my new role!

Of course, this means there will necessarily be a few changes around here. I will no longer offering consultancy or coaching services but I aim to continue to blog about the issues facing early career and precarious academics, as well as more posts about my own research and the issues facing the sector. So, please do continue to read, comment and share any posts you find useful and feel free to suggest any topics you would like me to write about by emailing me or leaving a comment below.

Thank you!


Image by Tom King

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