The EAMENA exhibition project – progress

The exhibition project that I’ve been working on since the beginning of July has reached an exciting phase – our first set of banners were printed this week and should, at the time of writing (Friday morning), be on their way to Egypt ready to go on show and, hopefully, inspire local people to engage with and help to protect endangered heritage.

The process has been one of compromise and, given more time, I would have done things differently. Nevertheless, it’s been a huge job, we’ve achieved remarkable things in the time available and I’m just so relieved to have reached this stage. One set down, six to go!


I’ve also started to write a short series of blogposts on the exhibition development and design process for the EAMENA website. The first of the posts is now up and may be interesting (and of help) to anyone with minimal design skills (like me!) who has been tasked with producing a series of exhibition panels.

You can read the blogpost on the EAMENA website.



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