Save Garden Street Island!

A quick post in the eye of the storm between lectures and seminars (more about that later), to urge my readers (assuming I have any readers!) to consider signing this petition calling for the preservation of Garden Street Island, which is currently under threat of demolition for the second time in three years.

Garden Street Island is the last surviving remnant of Leicester’s Victorian slums. It’s a remarkable survival and one that can tell important stories of Leicester’s social and cultural history. Joseph Merrick, born just a few streets away, knew this Leicester. I’d love to see it become Leicester’s own Migration Museum!

That it has been allowed to be left to deteriorate by the current owners to such an extent is a disgrace and entirely cynical.

Anyway, please do sign and if you’d like to find out more, these links provide more back-story.

The Garden Street Island, Leicester, is under threat

Campaign: Garden Street Island

Slums of Leicester

Last example of Victorian slum housing in Leicester could be demolished

You can also join a very active group on Garden Street Island (Facebook).

Photo: Taken by me last Sunday (8 October 2017).

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