New course: Socially Engaged Practice in Museums and Galleries

At the School of Museum Studies’ Fiftieth Anniversary Conference, Museums in the Global Contemporary, last week, a brand new course, ‘Socially Engaged Practice in Museums and Galleries, was launched. I was involved in its development, last summer, as Research Associate on the project, and it’s great to see that all that hard work has come to fruition.

It’s a part-time course, delivered flexibly. You can choose to do the full masters programme, or just a module or two, depending on your particular interests and career development needs. Here’s the marketing blurb:

In the 21st century, leading museums, galleries and heritage practice began to make use of socially engaged approaches. This course will examine the role of museums and practitioners in shaping society’s understandings of contemporary issues, upholding values of inclusivity and accessibility, and ensuring that museums benefit their communities. Choosing to study Socially Engaged Practice in Museums and Galleries will give you access to leading research and practice on the impact that museums and galleries can have on advocating for social justice and human rights, and how they might better explore and address the contemporary issues that face our societies.

You find out more and apply for the course, here.

Image: Photo taken by me, a loooong time ago at the British Library. 

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