The British Library’s Collection of Chinese Propaganda Posters: An Overview

My third and final blog post for the British Library’s Asia and Africa blog has been posted. In it I provide an overview of the Library’s collection of Chinese propaganda posters and describe the culmination of my cataloging efforts. It features images from two sets of public information posters that went out of copyright on the 1st January this year.

Image: A detail from Qiang jiu shou shang ren yuan (抢救受伤人员), ‘Rescuing injured personnel’, from a set of wall charts (Ren min fang kong chang shi gua tu, 人民防空常识挂图, ‘People’s Air Defence General Knowledge Wall Charts’), compiled by Tianjin shi ren min fang kong wei yuan hui (天津市人民防空委员会), the Tianjin People’s Air Defence Committee, and published by Tianjin mei shu chu ban she (天津美术出版社), the Tianjin Fine Art Publishing House, in July 1965. British Library, ORB.99/79 (14). Used with permission.

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