Museum Representations of Maoist China: release date


It is with enormous pleasure and a great deal of relief that I can announce that my monograph, Museum Representations of Maoist China, will be published in August. Hurrah!

From the cover blurb:

This book brings together significant first-hand research that highlights a specific and unique period of collecting along with a highly significant political moment of history in China. It brings out debates about collecting practices, curatorship and British “China hands” in an intelligent, thoughtful way which is highly readable. It is a fascinating insight into a very specific relationship that links to broader issues of exhibiting, knowledge production and China-West relations and the politics and power structures of cultural institutions.

Katie Hill, Sotheby’s Institute of Art and OCCA, Office of Contemporary Chinese Art, Oxford, UK

More details, including the TOC, index and a sneaky peek at the book’s introductory chapter,  are available from the Ashgate website.


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