Introducing Museum Studies on Dissertation Reviews

I have news! Over the last few months I’ve been through a fairly comprehensive application/interview process to become the Field Editor of a new Dissertation Reviews strand, Museum Studies. And I got the job! Unpaid (naturally), but excellent CV fodder and it will give me the opportunity to do a little bit more editing – something I really enjoy. Plus, it will help to spread the word about all the amazing, inspiring, multi-disciplinary research being done under the banner of museum studies. Hurrah!

Dissertation Reviews features friendly, non-critical overviews of recently defended and unpublished dissertations [doctoral theses]. The project now covers 21 current and upcoming fields, including: Chinese History, South Asian Studies, Science Studies, Islamic Studies, Russian Studies, Asian Art History and many others.

I’m delighted that the vast majority of recent PhDs I’ve contacted about featuring  a review of their thesis on the site have responded with enormous enthusiasm for the project. The first reviews will start to appear in the new academic year. For information about how to get involved, see:

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