Research Agent for Hire

Given the rather precarious state of arts and humanities research in universities and museums at the moment, I’ve been thinking about how I can use my skills more widely. I already take on the occasional bit of freelance academic indexing and editing, but that won’t keep the wolf from the door.

I love researching, researching anything. And I’m good at it. I have held several research assistant posts over the last couple of years. Spending time in archives and libraries sure beats indexing! 

There must be people (individuals, parish councils, companies, etc) out there with a family painting, or a local landmark they’d like to find out more about, or a dusty archive that deserves new attention.

And so an idea has been forming in my mind recently. How about setting myself up as a researcher for hire?

Today I am putting the plan into action. I’m looking for small, local (East Midlands in the first instance) projects to pilot my idea.  I’ll charge a flat rate fee (negotiable at outset) and, at the end of the project, produce a glossy, high quality book detailing my research findings.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to find out more!




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